Keywords : social time

Time Semantic Dimensions in Abdul Aziz Al-Mishri’s Novels

Badha Diab Mabkhoot Al-Doosari; Dr. Faizah Ahmed Al-Harbi

Kut University College Journal for Humanitarian Science, 2020, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 152-171

Abstract Study on ( time semantic dimensions in Abdul Aziz al-Mishri’s novels) based on the idea that time is objective in all its stages, however dealing with text in some way turns it into psychological-time .The study also explores the relationship of dialectical time with self and realities of social and cultural system, detection of semantic time representations taking fiction achievement’s Al-Mishri a model for revealing psychological, social, and cosmic time dimensions. In this sense, the study was divided into three topics. The first topic is psychological time in both dimensions of self-struggle with time between what is an object and what should not be and the crisis of feminine self; the second topic deals with social time in its (family - feudal - cultural - economic - and generations conflict) dimensions. While third topic is the global time, which represents the view of rural man to his environment and reconciliation with it. The study shows how characters interacted with time, all this according to descriptive approach.