Keywords : the solution

The solution to the contract the international sale of goods due to the occurrence of the fundamental violation in the light of the Vene Convention 1980

Ziad khalf Owda; Abbas Neameh Mohsein

Kut University College Journal for Humanitarian Science, 2020, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 1-10

The main objective of this study is to stand in the situation in the international contract for sale of goods according to the 1980 Vene Convention this convention has developed several special and new criteria to dissolution the contract it is different from those that are on the right of the dissolution in the internal Legislation. The Convention requires that there is a fundamental violation to dissolution the contract the Convention has been configured to regulate international sales contracts well Through which the annulment cases are minimized due to the amount of damage resulting from such termination, and stipulated in the substantive violation that the violation had already occurred first, that the violation occurred, second, the damage have to be expected, third, in the case of an original violation. However, the agreement allowed the contract to be terminated even though the substantive breach did not occur but it clearly shows that it will be happen. The case of the fundamental offense acquired whereby the defaulting party is given a certain period of time to fulfill its contractual obligations in order to carry out its contractual obligations. If such period elapses without the fulfillment of such obligations, the other party may terminate the contract Where the violation material offense becomes an inherently fundamental breach.