Keywords : Transparency International

Analyzing the index of corruption index in Iraq and its reflection on the public budget Duration (2003-2017)

Rasha Khaled Shehaib

Kut University College Journal for Humanitarian Science, 2020, Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 43-67

The phenomenon of corruption is economic (financial and administrative) of serious negative phenomena facing the majority of countries, particularly developing countries, with a negative impact on economic performance and delay the process of construction and development, especially economic corruption in Iraq that has led to waste lots of money Which she could direct them to other programs. The importance of searching through highlighting the top reasons that lead to a widening corruption and circuit effects on joints of the economy and society. Research also aims to highlight the most important indicators of global corruption perceptions and analyze the impact of corruption on the general budget structure in Iraq. Endorsing research on analytical method in the study of this relationship in addition to quantitative measurement method. As the search limits stretched for the period (2003-2017). The search was divided into four major investigation involving a group of paragraphs to clarify the rationale for the research، the researcher found a set of conclusions and recommendations، notably: 1. the absence of standards of good governance work of the most important factors that would spread the phenomenon of financial and administrative corruption and that the standards and Developed by international institutions and organizations are indicative of the spread size of corruption in countries around the world. 2. Iraq depends on oil revenues in estimating the size of the general revenues of the sector when there is also corruption proved size 3.2 (standard) health premise logic the logic of economic theory and practice in the Iraqi economy. 3. they must adopt standards of good governance (transparency، issue، participation) and applying those standards to all legislative، Executive and judicial authority to eradicate corruption. They must take into account economic diversification in Iraq in order to increase public revenue.