Keywords : training programs

The reality of distance education in educational institutions in the Arab countries _ Algeria as a model - Training programs in the graduate school Philosophy as a model and the need to activate distance education

Asma Aggouni

Kut University College Journal for Humanitarian Science, 2021, Volume 2021, Issue special issue, Pages 4-12

The traditional direct contact education system was beneficial and fruitful but to some extent; Given that it was an obstacle for many science students who lack the ability to physically attend the various education and training centers, and thus; The role of distance education in solving this problem; It has made it of great importance to everyone as well as the many other positive benefits resulting from following this advanced educational method. When looking at the benefits of distance education; We will find that it combines the advantages of traditional and e-learning together; As it provides a method of communication between the student and the teacher through which the courses are explained, understood and studied relying on multiple means of explanation, as well as a good way for the student to search and explore in various websites and programs in order to access the information himself; Of course, it is of great importance and advantage, and distance education has also helped to get rid of a large part of educational losses because it allows the ability to attend classes, lectures and training courses for anyone from anywhere. And because training is a necessary necessity for practicing the teaching profession and it is impossible for any reform project to succeed in the principles of education and education if the teacher is not well formed or absent from the formative process or does not understand the educational and scientific facts that carry the teaching profession, and this is all through an effective and systematic content Training programs for the teacher, as it seeks through this research to shed light on the role of relying on the distance education system, of course, an important and good matter; But it should be noted that the work on developing this system and introducing the latest technological technologies to it; It is an important means through which nations will be able to achieve the required quality in levels of education, whether university education, and here we focus on teacher education programs in higher schools. For teachers in Algeria and the need to adapt it to the current situation developments And from what are the contents of these training programs and what are their shortcomings? And do these training programs respond to the current data?