Keywords : Engineering Taught

E learning Model-based on Subliminal Stimulation in Engineering Taught

Nasseer K. Bachache

Kut University College Journal for Humanitarian Science, 2021, Volume 2, Issue special issue, Pages 245-251

Globally, higher education is a change in innovation by stimulating digital technology- based education. The question that must possess is the learning and training that used in university education develops lifelong professional skills, and does this education motivate a student to create new thoughts, and does they get enough talents that drive the fourth industrial revolution? and do they get enough talents that drive the fourth industrial revolution? Nowadays we look for change around the world in the procedure of online learning platform with the expansion that has occurred in the field of education and its main factors, shape, the content of curricula, and its inputs. In our work, we propose a new customized educational model-based on subliminal persuasion and other applications of subliminal stimulation. First, we discuss our definition of subliminal. Wewill also present arguments about why it is difficult to sustain learning far from conscious thinking. In the other parts, we used e-learning (some videos) to illustrate examples of the basic effects of subliminal stimulation that can be used in various lessons were taught in engineering college at different stages showed to volunteers of different ages. Finally, we suggest some applications that can increase human talent after establishing legal legislation.