Keywords : Moroccan school

Obstacles to the application of e-learning in Moroccan schools


Kut University College Journal for Humanitarian Science, 2021, Volume 2, Issue special issue, Pages 351-360

E-learning has received much more interest in recent decades due to the domination of technology on all aspects of modern life. Another reason is the current pandemic which makes it necessary for the countries all over the world to adopt different modes of digital learning as a means of safety and as a tool to save time and effort. One more reason behind such a great interest is the will to create a rich and a favourable educational environment where a variety of media is used such as: audio-visual aids, interactive video-conferencing, digital assessment, e-libraries,...etc. For all the aforementioned reasons, the Moroccan school has adopted e-learning as a means to achieve success. Desipte all the advantages of digital learning and the huge interest in it, it still faces a myriad of stumbling blocks that hinder its effectiveness and implementation. This research paper then, is an attempt to shed light on such a mode of learning, determining and categorizing it, as well as suggesting some solutions to help dealing with it