Keywords : the religious

The Manifestations of the Other in the Poetry of Elia Abu Madi

Sejjad Adnan Kazom

Kut University College Journal for Humanitarian Science, 2021, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 31-43

The other is different from the position of Alana, which indicates the image of the other on this basis is a composite of the social, psychological, intellectual and behavioral attributes attributed by an individual or group to others who are outside, I will take a position of the other on the basis of separation and heterogeneity, Will make the other female, and vice versa, and so will be dragged into social strata, psychological orientations and so on. The concept of the other in the poetic output of Elijah Abu Madi is a distinct conceptual space, in that the other does not reflect an inevitable existence of a separate self. It merges with it at times, separates it from other times, and makes the intellect other, sometimes unreasonable, With creativity and excellence in subtraction, performance, poetic images, fertile imagination and passion.