Keywords : Al_ Mahasin wal Adhdad

Semantic Relationships in Al-Jahiz’s book (almahasin wal'adhdad), (255 AH)

Hala Fakher Jabur; Kazem Mohamed Shabout

Kut University College Journal for Humanitarian Science, 2021, Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 93-102

Arabic linguists have, since ancient times, been interested in semantic studies; Because of its great influence in their books and studies, and it is also concerned without relying on formal means, the meaning took a great interest in the field of modern studies in its various branches and acquaintances, and because semantics is the science concerned with the meaning, as it witnessed a remarkable development in the fields of knowledge. It is not only concerned with the meaning and the moral side, but it also looks at indicative relationships and symbols, and how it affects the semantic side. For these reasons, I studied semantic relationships and applied them to Al-Jahiz’s book (almahasin wal'adhdad), In order to reveal the extent of the existence of these relations in the ancient Arab heritage , as well as revealing the value of this book according to the opinion of modern linguistic studies.