Keywords : model

A proposed Model of a Digital University of Arabic

Abdulrakeeb Ahamed shomais; Safa Abdulhakeem Ahmed Badi; Bahia Mohmmed Rajh

Kut University College Journal for Humanitarian Science, 2021, Volume 2021, Issue special issue, Pages 171-191

The digital university is a form of contemporary university education that has emerged as a result of technological and digital development, and this form represents an urgent necessity in developed countries in general, and Arab countries in particular, whether in the usual situation or in times of epidemics and crises, which need before going to it for a model about it And, as it was, this research came with the aim of presenting a proposed model for an Arab digital university by identifying the theoretical principles of the digital university, identifying the reality of the Arab digital university education, and the degree of importance of the components of the digital university from the experts' point of view . To achieve the objectives of the research, the descriptive and forward-looking approach was used, and a questionnaire was applied according to the modified Delphi method on an intentional sample of (27) experts, and the research reached several results, the most important of which is that the degree of importance of the components of the digital university as seen by the experts in general was (large) in terms of the weighted mean The year that reached the component that ranked first is the partnership and programs component with a weighted average (4.48) with a percentage weight (89.75%), followed by the financing component (4.25) with a percentage weight (85%), then the study system (4.08) with a percentage weight (81.8), while The institutional component reached (4.00) and with a percentage weight (80.16%), that the proposed model consisted of the sources, vision, mission and goals, the institutional component and partnership, programs, study system, and financing, and the research concluded with a set of recommendations and proposals