Keywords : higher education

A review of E-Learning in Higher Education

Khalid Al-Hussaini; Huda Al-Qozani

Kut University College Journal for Humanitarian Science, 2021, Volume 2, Issue special issue, Pages 470-482

The e-learning has become an important part of higher education in light of the crises facing humanity, including wars, displacement, and the epidemic. On the other hand, information, and communication technology increases the use of digital devices for many purposes in the world, especially education, through which learning can be achieved, such as higher satisfaction, motivation, and increased student participation. This paper provides a background for e-learning in higher education institutions and reviews the concept of e-learning, its requirements, and the various strategies of e-learning, in higher education institutions.

E-education at the Algerian University is a need or a crisis-generated necessity Coronas


Kut University College Journal for Humanitarian Science, 2021, Volume 2, Issue special issue, Pages 454-469

Information and communications technology plays an important role in all aspects of life in general and in education in particular, many educational institutions that have adopted technology as a vehicle in the educational process have been shown to be helping to energize the educational process , The use of technology today is natural but not available to all, as there are still institutions that depend on traditional methods in education, but with the changes that the Corona pandemic caused, the situation is different, After the student at all levels of school had to be forced from school seats since March, and because his fate remained to be returned, the imperative of remotely adopting the system by many universities is to avoid losing the school year, The study, which is based on the study of the study paper, is an urgent necessity or emergency situation, in an attempt to shed light on e-education today, using it between urgent necessity and emergency circumstances and its continuation after the pandemic.