Keywords : education

Digital mind maps and its role in developing legal talent

Souad Salem Mohamed Abusaad

Kut University College Journal for Humanitarian Science, 2021, Volume 2, Issue special issue, Pages 431-448

The importance of search it reflects the usefulness of using digital mental maps in the legal educational process, understanding and achievement From experimental Academic research that tries to find a solution to a specific problem, to discovering new facts about accurate information. Also, the production of a practical application of this strategy in the recent teaching of legal sciences in law Faculties. By addressing the problem of research, it has been concluded that digital mind maps increase creative thinking, stimulate reading and review, add to the expansion of the understanding of things and develop the legal faculty of teachers and education Teaching using this strategy enables the lecturer to properly distribute time during the lecture, in addition to the fact that the parameters of the faculties of law are closely related to the level of performance of the faculty members.

Patterns of artificial intelligence and digital transformation

Amani Abdoul Khaliq Abdullahussen

Kut University College Journal for Humanitarian Science, 2021, Volume 2, Issue special issue, Pages 252-264

Artificial intelligence is no longer an emergency in the field of education, as it has become one of the foundations of educational development, and one of the most important ways to develop school materials, and one of the most important applications of artificial intelligence in education, such as digital systems for schools. ”Contributing to the work of algorithms in establishing educational tools that work on reformulating and crystallizing educational curricula. In accordance with the students 'interest, to reach the shortest paths in order to deliver the study materials. Developing students' abilities to communicate with human-like systems, which is the biggest motivation for them and is prepared and equipped to deal immediately with humans in all linguistic and social situations, in a way that helps to enhance the ability to communicate and increasing social skills, this technique can solve the problems of the lack of teachers Teaching staff or the scarcity of qualified people in some fields. It will help the average teacher develop his abilities and fill any deficiency he has. However, it must be noted here that artificial intelligence is not supposed to replace innate or natural intelligence. The purpose is not to replace the teacher / instructor in the classroom or dispense with him completely, but for the human mind to work side by side with the artificial mind in an elaborate calculated combination. And there is another problem that multiple technologies, software and methods, as well as artificial intelligence applications, can contribute to reducing their effects. It is represented in this amount of information and the continuous technical and cognitive development, to the extent that it is expected that the validity of the knowledge that one learns in the future will be limited to five years! If the development of scientific curricula and the printing of textbooks is a long and complex process that may in turn take five years, then with artificial intelligence in educational devices and software they will be able to deduce the knowledge and skills required at a specific time, thus updating the lessons automatically and presenting them to the student in a manner that suits his needsArtificial intelligence research revolves around the development of machines so that theyNo one can deny the contribution of artificial intelligence to the advancement of education, and it is a role that is likely to develop greatly in later years. Therefore, this technological progress must be kept up with caution and rationality, so that the school is free of its negatives. In this regard, the current research proposes to discuss the following matters:First - To what extent do the patterns of artificial intelligence affect education?Second - Identify the level of belief that artificial intelligence replaces the teacher?Third-What are effective ways to address the problems of digital transformation?

Obstacles to the application of e-learning in Moroccan schools


Kut University College Journal for Humanitarian Science, 2021, Volume 2, Issue special issue, Pages 351-360

E-learning has received much more interest in recent decades due to the domination of technology on all aspects of modern life. Another reason is the current pandemic which makes it necessary for the countries all over the world to adopt different modes of digital learning as a means of safety and as a tool to save time and effort. One more reason behind such a great interest is the will to create a rich and a favourable educational environment where a variety of media is used such as: audio-visual aids, interactive video-conferencing, digital assessment, e-libraries,...etc. For all the aforementioned reasons, the Moroccan school has adopted e-learning as a means to achieve success. Desipte all the advantages of digital learning and the huge interest in it, it still faces a myriad of stumbling blocks that hinder its effectiveness and implementation. This research paper then, is an attempt to shed light on such a mode of learning, determining and categorizing it, as well as suggesting some solutions to help dealing with it

Globalization of education through the MOOC system

Mohammed Adnan El Saneh

Kut University College Journal for Humanitarian Science, 2021, Volume 2, Issue special issue, Pages 88-95

The importance of using technological development in the means of online education, such as the use of the MOOC system, has a real reflection on the development of society in the field of distance education. In this research, the most important aspects of the education system will be clarified through the MOOC, which is considered the most famous educational system in recent times, which is about lessons an open-source collective. It will explain how the MOOC works which is a computer or laptop. We will show the types of the MOOC system and the difference between cMOOC, xMOOC I will work to explain with a comprehensive presentation of the most important reasons for the delay in the spread of the MOW system in European countries and how it will be to overcome these causes in the future. The most important educational platforms that are used in their curriculum will be presented to facilitate its process. Online education, the global platform Coursera, Udmi. I will review its conclusion of the most important features of the MOOC system, through which the use of the MOOC system.